One of my close friends recently shared an article regarding the abuse of a domestic worker Uzma, saying ” Why don’t you help trend #justiceforUzma on Twitter, remember the last time we made #justiceforZainab trend and it reached millions of people”

I reminisced how in 2018 I came across a heart-wrenching tweet regarding the brutal murder of a 7-year-old girl, Zainab Ansari,  who was sexually abused and later thrown in a pile of trash. It was the first time something over the internet affected me to the extent that I sat an hour searching for possible punishments to such crime. In response to which I tweeted suggesting a public punishment for the assaulter. My tweet impacted and engaged 200,000+ Pakistanis who appeared to be in harmony with the suggestion. It was all about seeking justice for Zainab and putting an end to such crimes, for once, we were all united.

I noticed the enthusiasm of the people and how eager they were to get justice for Zainab, no matter what, social media played a vital role in that case.

My 2019 resolution was all about minimizing the usage of social media and the internet, being cut off for months, I had little or no concern with whatever was going around, It was just me and my little world. The recent case, however, of a child domestic worker Uzma, who was brutally tortured and electrocuted to death by two females she worked for, had been over my mind lately.

After going through multiple articles and News reports with the same old replicated captions demanding justice or a bunch of anger striking content for click baits, It’s appeared rather funny how every other horrendous incident now ended up with meaningless trends and pointless chaos.

Justice for Zainab was supposed to be the call against child abuse, the punishment of her assaulter was supposed to be the end of the cause, not an initiation of series of hashtags on a pursuit to trend so that we have something to talk about.

Even if the culprits are arrested, the damage has been done. The dead does not care for your hashtags and the justice now bestowed is of no good to the departed. I believe in prevention before cure, although the wounds of injustice and tragedy lay their marks on the soul, they can always be avoided, which if not. I’m not proud of the government for taking action against the culprits, or deciding which punishment to be given. They have failed somewhere and are to blame, but partially, this is because we have all failed.

Putting up a sad caption and carrying on the trend of asking for justice does not do the job, likewise giving the same punishments to the culprits won’t change anything. Words mean nothing unless they are followed by actions, this is why we require notable punishments for such cases.

Instead of sentencing the culprits to years in prison or easy death, carry on the same procedures that were used to kill the victim, be it an eye for an eye for the sake of an example.

Laws regarding domestic workers and child labors should be passed, further minimizing the occurrence of such incidents. The abusers should be reported and prisoned for even the minor of harassments, nevertheless preventing the concept of mistreating the domestic workers.

Last but not the least, instead of putting in days and night to trend socially, keep a track of the people that work for you, treat them well and don’t play God. Every soul shall taste death, and will be answerable in the hereafter.

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